All levels of government departments, the private business sector and concerned citizens are focused on issues relating to community resilience and sustainability. It is Canada’s mission to make each community a happy and safe place to live by providing outstanding leadership and resilience.

What Can Be Done to Improve and Embrace Resilience?

Resilience can be improved and embraced by every level of its community members by:

  • Improving services
  • Preventing crime
  • Adapting to changing conditions
  • Creating a proactive framework to reduce risks
  • Creating a holistic community
  • Empowering the citizens within the community

Leadership and Resilience Program (LRP)

This program was established to advance local community resilience efforts. Crime prevention and public safety are some of Canada’s most important ways to provide resilience to communities. This school and the community-based program is designed for citizens aged 14 to 19 years old. The goal of the program is to reduce crime in neighbourhoods by using strategies that enhance these impressionable aged children’s internal strengths and positive attitudes.

Goals of the LRP

The following is a list of goals the program is designed to achieve:

  • Reduce the number of disciplinary actions that take place in schools
  • Improve communication skills
  • Improve refusal skills
  • Increase individuals personal self-perception and self-worth
  • Fully educate them on the negative consequences they would face if involved in violence or substance abuse.
  • Identify the value of youth becoming active in community involvement.

Across Canada, there have been seven pilot projects of LRP that have been funded by Public Safety Canada.

Community Leaders

Other community leaders also assist with resilience by providing and enforcing rules and regulations of the community. Religious leaders are a very integral part of communities as well. Those who worship regularly add to the strength and resilience of the community.

Without leadership, many programs in Canada would fail.