Many communities across Canada have powerful bonds. This can be established in many ways. The strong connection families have within their communities can come from multiple sources.

Shopping Locally

For example, shopping locally and getting to know the owners and staff at your favourite shops will build a bond between a customer and the business. Sharing your positive and exciting shopping experiences with family and neighbours will develop stronger bonds between you, family, neighbours and the companies you recommend to them. Networking and shared experiences are the best way to build strong relationships.

Volunteering for School Committees

Another great way to build a bond within your community is becoming active within it. Participating in school committees helps build a bond with other parents and education providers within your own local community. Collaborating together to help make improvements in the educational system in your area, creates a feeling of accomplishment within a group setting. This also leads to meeting other parents of students and perhaps building bonded friendships.

Exercise Classes

Many communities offer various forms of exercise classes, for example, water aerobics, yoga, spinning classes, and walking groups, to name a few. Many people build bonds with people they have things in common with. While attending classes, the participants already share a common bond. Many of the classes tend to create a community social circle. Participants meet new members of the community, and they may invite friends, family and neighbours to join the classes. This can lead to other social events in the community, for example, a girl’s night out.

Volunteering at a Local Hospital

A person can strengthen the bond with their community by volunteering at a local hospital. Volunteers not only increase their relationship with the employees of the hospital, but they also share a bond with those community members who seek medical help.