This website is dedicated to Canadian support organizations that are in place to support their communities. These groups work closely with the government to bring more services to those who are in need. Some of the topics that are covered here include the following.


This post deals with some examples of the many different types of organizations that are available in Canada with a brief overview of what their mandate is.

Communities Project

This is a critical post about the healthy community project that outlines some of the individual programs that are within it.

Developing Bonds

For any of the programs to work, there has to be a bond between the organizations and the people in the community. This post outlines how these are created and how people can work together.

Online Contact

This is a great post that goes into detail about online groups that may be from the same community or different ones.

Senior Living

Canada has a good number of seniors who are need of many of the programs. Also, there is a need for independent living. There is some good information on this topic.

Community Activities

This is a great section that focuses on the many different activities that communities and the families that live within them can enjoy.

This is a great website loaded with some interesting and informative articles about community life in Canada. It is beneficial for those who are already living in the country, as well as those who are thinking of moving here.